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Aug 16, 2022

In a world where supply chain disruptions are endemic, startup Pixuate uses closed caption video in manufacturing facilities to help enterprises ward off problems that can create slowdowns and closures.

Discover how Pixuate deploys deep learning and AI to get it done.

Supply Chain - Manufacturing

Aug 9, 2022

This startup provides an AI-driven platform for hospital-based pharmacists to help them work efficiently and keep patients safe. With a non-profit model, charges private hospitals and gives the platform for free to public hospitals.


Aug 2, 2022

Identity fraud, such as email phishing, spoofing, and lookalike domains, cost individuals and businesses tens of billions of dollars annually. This startup's cloud-based AI tool reduces the chances of successful attacks that harm companies' finances, reputation, and email deliverability. EasyDMARC sniffs...

Jul 26, 2022

FlexiDAO offers traceability software that helps companies adopt carbon-free electricity and carbon-optimized procurement to reduce climate impact and meet environmental social governance or ESG targets. The multi-cloud, blockchain software records the generated carbon-free electricity in real time, timestamps its...

Jul 19, 2022

Torque takes some of the cost and complexity out of developing and deploying complex cloud software. It’s a command-line tool that lets developers focus on development, not operations. Customizable packages automate tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, or Oracle Cloud.